Volleyball World Championships: Hot Betting Lines 

Volleyball, as one of the most popular team sports, has both local and international competitions. One of the most important of the latter is the World Championship. Along with the trophy of the Olympic volleyball tournament, the awards of this competition are the most coveted for players. 

Volleyball World Championships are always available for betting on online bookmaker sites. If you want to understand the specifics of these tournaments to try your luck and win money, then our review should help you. We will give you the information, and what to do with it next is up to you. 

World Championships — What You Need to Know 

What you need to know when betting on volleyball World Cup

As we said earlier, volleyball World Championships are held once every four years, but they always arouse special interest among fans and are considered one of the most important for national teams. No wonder they are quite popular for staking on bookmaker sites as well. Below we’ll talk a little bit about the specifics of the men’s and women’s world championships. 

Men’s World Volleyball Championship 

In the men’s division, the favorites stand out, and they should be in the semifinals almost 10% in advance. Therefore, tournaments are too often predictable, and the winner and runners-up can be named even before the start. For this reason, experienced players often bet that strong national teams will win all matches in the group stage. This is due to the fact that the World Cup is a fast-paced tournament, so there is no point in saving strong players. They should gain form in competitive conditions, not sit on the bench. 

Women’s World Volleyball Championship 

Women’s World Championships (and lower ranked tournaments) are more intriguing because there are fewer obvious favorites and almost every team can make a shot. Additionally, women’s sports are more unpredictable because women are more emotional than men. This means that even the favorites can give the initiative to the opponent in the course of the match. Because of this, women’s teams frequently play a maximum of 5 sets per match. This means that a stake on a total of more than 4.5 sets can be promising. 

Main Bets on the World Volleyball Championships

Key bets in World Cup volleyball

The selection of markets for betting on volleyball matches is lower than on soccer or hockey matches, but you will still have a good choice. Here are some popular examples: 

Betting on the outcome of a match.

Players rarely make this bet because there are usually teams of different classes meeting;

Outcome of games.

You can simply bet on the winner of the game or you can bet on a win with a handicap;

A stake on the team winning with a handicap.

In volleyball there are two types of handicaps: game handicap and total points handicap;


You can bet on the total of games or on the total number of points. Also, some bookmakers accept bets on the individual total of teams and the total of sets;

Correct score.

In volleyball there are only 6 variations of the correct score on games, so you can sometimes use this market in staking. Especially since the odds on the correct score are usually in the range of 4.00-7.00;

Long-term betting.

Many bookmakers offer to bet on the results of volleyball tournaments (such as the World Championship). Since volleyball teams usually play consistently, these markets can also be considered as a staking option. 

You will also have the opportunity to place other bets, such as on the highest scorer or the team making the playoffs. Experiment. 

Analysis is Your Ally 

How analysis can help you win

One of your true allies when betting on volleyball, will be analysis. All experienced players prepare for matches to a greater or lesser extent. They scrutinize teams and players, statistics of confrontations, recent results, personnel news and other useful information. All this allows them to get useful data and prepare well-considered bets, both in Line and Live. 

If you too want to learn how to analyze, pay attention to these aspects: 

  • Study the percentage of successful serves and receptions of teams and individual volleyball players;
  • See what kind of squad the coach managed to assemble for the World Championships, whether the strongest players are represented in it;
  • Find out how the team performed before the World Championships, whether the players are in good shape;
  • Look at the composition of the groups for the World Cup — how many strong and weak teams are in a particular group;
  • Study the individual characteristics of star players on the court — such players can single-handedly bring the team a lot of points. 

These are just a few examples of competent analysis, useful for preparing for staking. They will help you understand what you need to pay attention to. 

Tips for Betting on Volleyball 

Steps to bet on volleyball

In conclusion, we would like to provide you with some useful tips and hints for betting on volleyball World Cup matches: 

  • The role of an individual volleyball player in a team is much more important than the role of a player in a soccer team. That’s why it’s crucial to keep track of news about player suspensions and injuries;
  • Volleyball is one of the few sports to which statistically based strategies can be applied. Bookmakers often provide odds that do not correspond to the real balance of power. If you learn to analyze teams and events correctly, you can claim good winnings;
  • If one team wins in a set 12-4, it does not mean that it will win this set. In volleyball, the role of the server is very important, who alone can bring a team 5-10 points in a row and turn the outcome of a set.
  • If you have the opportunity, watch the broadcast of the match. This will help you to prepare a bet with a good winning potential;
  • Trust statistics, but you don’t need to place a bet based on them alone. 

One more recommendation. If you want to be successful in betting on the volleyball World Championship matches, choose a suitable strategy. Stick to it. Strategies don’t guarantee success, but they do provide structure to your staking activities. They allow you to avoid rash, emotional decisions. 

Some Frequent Questions 

FAQ voleybal world cup

Can I Use Strategies to Bet on the Volleyball World Cup? 

Yes, you can use strategies to bet on the volleyball World Cup matches. But for this we recommend you to watch the broadcasts of these matches in order to react effectively to the developments of events. 

What are the Best Bets for the Volleyball World Cup? 

The best bets are those that you prepare thoughtfully. Avoid emotional decisions and try to choose more promising outcomes rather than being fooled by big odds. 

Do Bookmakers Offer World Volleyball Championship Betting in Live? 

Yes, volleyball World Championship matches are always available for live betting. Many experienced players advise to choose this mode instead of pre-match. Thanks to competent analytical preparation and watching the broadcast of the match, you can place a bet with a high chance of winning.