Volleyball as a Betting Object: Main Points to Analyze

Volleyball is among the most popular sports in the world, albeit behind soccer, hockey and basketball. Not surprisingly, its competitions are also featured on online bookmakers’ betting sites. If you are interested in this game and would like to know how to succeed by placing bets on its matches, then read our review. We will tell you about the importance of analyzing and preparing for volleyball staking, give examples of useful strategies and share tips for beginners. 

How to Analyze Volleyball Matches for Betting 

How to analyse a volleyball match?

Volleyball is not the most difficult sport to analyze and predict when compared to baseball or American football. But it has some peculiarities that you need to be aware of: 

  • In volleyball the libero is of great importance. The result of the game depends a lot on this player in the team. If he is injured or misses the match for other reasons, the team’s play can be much weaker;
  • A big lead in the middle of a set is not always maintained by the end of the set. This should be taken into account when making stakes live;
  • It’s not uncommon for teams to have a comeback when trailing by 10 points, let alone a 5-7 point difference;
  • Third in a set in a volleyball match after a score of 2-0 in favor of the favorite is frequently won by the outsider;
  • Volleyball top clubs play not only in domestic leagues, but also in various international tournaments. This can affect the result of not the most important match in the domestic championship before the decisive game at the world level;
  • Volleyball is still a sport where money predictions can be confidently made based on statistics. It is not as unpredictable as table tennis, hockey or soccer;
  • In volleyball, especially in Eastern Europe and Turkey, match-fixing is not uncommon. That is why it is important to watch match streams. Attentive players will be able to avoid risky stakes on a match with a predetermined result. 

Interestingly, despite the predictability of volleyball, live mode is better suited to betting on this sport than pre match in order to be effective. This is not so much due to the access of bettors to live streams and statistical databases, but rather due to the possibility of catching big odds. But it is also important to analyze the selected teams, taking into account their recent results, statistics, motivation and players’ form. 

Betting on Volleyball in Live Mode 

Live volleyball betting

Many experienced players prefer to bet on volleyball live. This is due to the opportunity to watch what is happening in the game and frequently more favorable odds. The latter is due to the fact that bookmakers sometimes misjudge the balance of power in a particular match. As a result, it is possible to catch high odds. 

There are several features of live volleyball betting: 

High dynamism.

In just a few minutes the situation on the court can change in favor of one of the teams;

Frequent suspensions of betting.

Bookmakers frequently limit the choice of markets for staking on volleyball events in Live or remove access to them for some time;

Favorable odds.

We have already mentioned this above. Most often you can catch such odds in leagues of not the highest level;

Presence of comebacks.

Frequently teams manage to win back a handicap of 5 or more points during the game. This is a chance to catch quite high odds. 

If you want to succeed in placing live stakes on volleyball, then use the quick bet option, because the situation on the court changes quickly. We also recommend watching live streaming of the match if possible. Additionally, it may help you to compare odds on several bookmaker sites to find the most favorable quotes. 

Betting Strategies for Volleyball 

What are the strategies for betting on volleyball?

As with betting on any other sport or esports, there are different strategies that can be used when staking on volleyball. Even though none of them guarantee a win, using them correctly can bring you success. 


This famous strategy is used in both betting and gambling. It involves doubling your bet after every loss. Thus, when you win, you will get back all the lost money in one fell swoop and even get the amount of your first bet as a profit. But the Martingale system has disadvantages. For example, you may run out of money before you win back. Additionally, the bookmaker may have a limit on the maximum bet. If you reach it and have not won by that time, you will not be able to get back the lost money. 

Betting on the Losing Favorite 

This is a classic scheme suitable for staking in any sport. It is designed for live play and involves placing a bet on a strong team that has played poorly in the first set. Usually, the bookmaker in this case increases the odds on the favorite, and this can be used. Unless this squad is playing against an obviously weaker team. 

Some players prefer to bet against the favorite in women’s competitions. This is due to the fact that women’s volleyball is more emotional and unpredictable in terms of results than men’s volleyball. 

Betting on the Underdog 

Despite the fact that volleyball is a rather predictable sport, sensations also happen in it. This is the basis of the strategy of staking on the underdog in a match against a clear favorite. When preparing this bet, make sure that the following conditions are met: 

  • The outsider plays on its court;
  • The odds for the outsider to win are above 2.0;
  • The favorite played its last match less than three days before this meeting;
  • The leading players of the favorite team will not participate in the match for various reasons;
  • The match has no tournament significance for the favored team;
  • The underdog has at least taken one set in the past few meetings with this favorite. 

All information can be found on free statistical services. 

Tips for Newbies 

Useful tips on volleyball betting for beginners

In this paragraph we will formulate a number of theses. These tips will help beginners to understand how to make stakes on volleyball: 

  • Choose the top competitions. When betting on them, the margins are lower and you will have access to more statistical data;
  • Unexpected outcomes of matches are more common when women’s teams play. For more stable results and comfortable staking planning, choose men’s competitions;
  • Study the regulations of the tournament and take its peculiarities into account when analyzing future matches;
  • Concentrate on one competition and try to watch every match;
  • Use only free money for betting, the loss of which will not cause harm. There are no win-win schemes, so there is always a chance to lose. 

By following these simple tips, you will improve the quality of your volleyball staking. 

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Pros and cons

In conclusion, we would like to present a list of advantages and disadvantages of volleyball betting. This will help to finally give you an idea of what to expect from placing money predictions on competitions in this sport. 


  • A large number of tournaments throughout the year;
  • High game dynamics and the possibility of profitable live betting;
  • Simple pre-match analysis to prepare potentially winning stakes;
  • The match is split into several parts, which gives even more staking opportunities — especially in live;
  • Plenty of betting options on top matches. 


  • The match can stretch for several hours, as there is no limit to its duration;
  • Average odds compared to soccer, hockey, basketball and tennis. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently asked questions about volleyball betting

Can I Bet on Volleyball in Live Mode? 

Yes, volleyball is perfect for live staking. Such a type of staking on this sport is offered by most online bookmakers. 

Is it Real to Win at Betting on Volleyball? 

Sure! But make sure that you use the services of a legitimate online bookmaker. Such operators do not cheat their clients, and you can be sure that you will withdraw your money if you win. 

Is Analysis Important When Preparing for Volleyball Betting? 

Yes, analysis is extremely important to prepare for staking, both for volleyball, other sports and cyber sports. Players who do not pay attention to analysis seriously reduce their chances of success.