A Simple Guide to Total Bets in Volleyball

Welcome to the easy-to-understand world of volleyball betting! If you’re new to betting or just looking to learn more about how to bet on volleyball games, you’re in the right place. This guide is all about ‘total bets’ – a popular way to bet on volleyball matches. We’ll walk you through what total bets are, how they work, and some basic tips to get you started. Whether it’s a beach volleyball game under the sun or an exciting indoor match, our guide will help you make smarter bets and add more fun to watching volleyball. So, let’s jump in and learn all about betting on volleyball totals!

Type of Bets

Betting on volleyball is a thrilling way to engage with the sport, whether it’s beach or indoor volleyball. With several betting options available, understanding each type can enhance your experience and potentially your winnings. Let’s explore some common bet types.

Outright Betting.

In outright betting, you simply choose which team will win the match. For example, consider a match between Team A and Team B, with Team A being the favorite. If you bet on Team A and they win, you get returns based on their odds. It’s straightforward and great for beginners;

Handicap Betting.

Handicap betting adds a layer of strategy. It gives a virtual advantage or disadvantage to teams based on their form. So, if Team C is -1.5 against Team D at +1.5, Team C must win with more than a 1.5-set difference for a bet on them to pay off;

Over/Under Betting.

This type of betting involves predicting the total points in a set or match. The bookmaker sets a benchmark, say 45.5 points for a set. You bet whether the actual points will be over or under this benchmark;

Points Total Betting.

Similar to over/under, but it focuses on the total points in the entire match. For instance, if the total is set at 100.5 points for a match, your task is to predict if the total will be higher or lower;

Correct Score Betting.

This is about precisely predicting the final score in sets. In indoor volleyball, it could range from 3-0 to 3-2 for either team, offering a variety of outcomes to bet on;

Set Betting.

If predicting the winner of the entire match seems daunting, set betting allows you to focus on the outcome of individual sets. It’s a popular choice among those who prefer betting on smaller segments of the game;

Prop Bets.

For the well-versed volleyball fan, prop bets offer unique challenges like predicting if a match will have odd or even total points, or if a particular set will reach extra points;

Long-Term Betting.

Futures betting allows you to bet on the outcomes of leagues or tournaments way in advance. It’s a way to utilize your understanding of team forms and market trends over a longer period;

Live Betting.

In-play betting adds excitement, allowing you to bet on various aspects as the game unfolds. This can include predicting the next set winner or the total points in a current set.

Catch-Up Principle in Volleyball Betting

Volleyball betting offers unique strategies, and one such method is based on the catch-up principle. This approach involves adjusting your bets after each loss to ensure a profit on the first successful wager. Here’s how it works and a couple of strategies to apply it in live volleyball betting.

The catch-up strategy is all about compensating for losses by incrementally increasing your bet amounts. The formula to calculate the bet size is:

Bet Amount=First Bet Amount + Total Amount Lost/Odds−1​

This formula helps determine the amount you need to bet to recover previous losses and still gain a profit.

Betting on Total Points

A popular strategy involves betting on the total points in a set, especially during high-tension moments. For instance, when the score hits 23:23, you might bet on the total being less than 48.5 points, expecting odds around 2.40.

If the score reaches 24:24, adjust your bet to total less than 50.5 points, and continue this pattern until you win a bet.

Example Scenario

Imagine you have a bankroll of 30,000 rubles and aim for a profit of 600 rubles. Your betting progression might look like this:

  • First Bet: 600 rubles at odds of 2.40, result in a loss, leaving the bank at 29,400 rubles;
  • Second Bet: 1,029 rubles at the same odds, another loss, reducing the bank to 28,371 rubles;
  • Third Bet: 1,593 rubles at odds of 2.40, resulting in a win and bringing the bank to 30,601 rubles.

Key Takeaways

  • Monitor the Game Closely: This strategy requires attentive live game monitoring to make timely bets;
  • Manage Your Bankroll: Adjust your bet sizes according to your bankroll to avoid significant losses;
  • Be Patient: Catch-up betting requires patience and the willingness to endure a series of losses before a win.


Betting on total can be an effective way to make consistent profits. However, like all betting strategies, it carries risks and should be approached with caution and responsible gambling practices. Always bet within your means and enjoy the strategic element it brings to watching and engaging with volleyball.