Volleyball Betting: Your Guide to Top Online Bookmakers in 2023

Discover the excitement of volleyball betting with our easy-to-follow guide. We’ll dive into the different betting options, types of odds, and strategies for both seasoned bettors and newcomers.

Exploring the World of Volleyball Betting

Explore the world of volleyball betting

Volleyball, a sport with a rich history, has captured the hearts of fans in countries like the USA, Brazil, and Russia. Its popularity, especially in beach volleyball, stems from its fast-paced nature and often scenic, exotic locations of play.

Despite a smaller fanbase compared to other sports, volleyball hosts numerous tournaments globally, presenting great opportunities for betting enthusiasts.

Key Betting Events in Volleyball:

  • FIVB World Cup Championships: This prestigious event attracts a lot of betting activity, showcasing top international teams;
  • Olympics: Volleyball betting reaches its peak during the Olympic Games, with intense competition and global participation.

Finding a suitable bookmaker for volleyball betting is straightforward, as many online betting sites feature these major events. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the scene, volleyball betting offers a unique and exciting way to engage with the sport.

Types of Bets and Understanding Odds

what types of volleyball bets exist

Volleyball betting adds an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling game. Here, we break down the most popular types of bets in volleyball, enhancing your betting experience.

Types of Volleyball Bets

  • Match Betting: This is the simplest form of betting in volleyball, where you predict the winner of the match. Odds can be displayed in decimal or fractional formats. Betting on the underdog can yield high payouts, as shown in this example:
    • Team A – 1.50 (bet 2 units to win 1 unit)
    • Team B – 11.00 (bet 1 unit to win 10 units)
  • Point Spread Betting: Here, the favored team must win by more than a set point spread for the bet to pay out. For instance, if the spread is set at 45 points, the favorite must win by more than 45 points. This bet is popular because it can pay off even if the favored team doesn’t win by the expected margin;
  • Point Totals (Over/Under): This bet is placed on the total points scored by both teams combined. You’re not betting on who wins, but whether the total score will be over or under a number set by the bookmaker;
  • Set Betting: This wager is specific to the outcome of a particular set in the match, offering a more detailed approach to volleyball betting.

Top Volleyball Betting Websites for Online Bettors

The best sites for volleyball betting

Navigating through numerous online betting sites to find the best for volleyball can be daunting. To ease this task, we have compiled a list of top-notch volleyball betting websites:


Established in 2000, Bet365 has become a go-to for over 63 million users worldwide. Known for its reliability, it offers live streaming of volleyball matches and real-time betting;


This site stands out with its excellent odds and diverse betting markets. Parimatch also boasts live betting features and attractive bonuses for volleyball bettors;


A leader in the sportsbook field, 20Bet offers competitive odds across various markets, 24/7 customer support, and an easy-to-use interface;


Renowned for its authenticity and high-quality services, 888Sport provides competitive odds, expert betting tips, and a range of promo offers;


An innovative site offering both pre-match and live betting options on volleyball with high odds. Sportaza also features a rewarding VIP program;


FEZbet gives bettors access to a wide range of markets in global volleyball tournaments, with its platform licensed by Curacao eGaming for a fair betting experience;


A well-established name in sports betting, Unibet is known for favorable odds, live match streaming, and a loyalty program;


Hosting a vast array of pre-match and live match options, 1Bet is ideal for volleyball betting enthusiasts looking for favorable odds and mobile compatibility;


Offering a seamless betting experience, Lilibet features a unique setup and covers most volleyball events, along with many live betting options.

Discover the Top 5 New Volleyball Betting Sites

Review of the top 5 new volleyball betting sites

The world of online volleyball betting is continuously evolving, with new sites bringing fresh experiences. Here’s a look at the top 5 new volleyball betting sites that offer the latest features for a high-quality betting experience:

  • Cyber.bet (2018): This platform offers a variety of sports betting options, including live broadcasts and betting for volleyball. Cyber.bet is known for its decent odds and attractive volleyball betting bonuses;
  • 20Bet (2020): A globally operating sportsbook, 20Bet stands out for its favorable odds and a vast array of betting markets. It supports convenient payment options, including volleyball betting with Bitcoin;
  • Paripesa (2019): Offering comprehensive betting services, Paripesa features a wide range of volleyball matches and tournaments. The site also entices users with exciting offers and promotional deals;
  • Megapari (2019): With its extensive selection of volleyball events and high odds on various markets, Megapari is a great choice for volleyball betting enthusiasts. It also includes an in-play section for live match betting;
  • iBet (2021): Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), iBet has quickly become a favorite among volleyball fans. The site covers a broad spectrum of volleyball events, from local matches to international tournaments.

Each of these sites is making a mark in the world of volleyball betting, offering unique features, competitive odds, and a range of betting options to cater to both new and experienced bettors.

Analyzing Volleyball Odds Across Top Bookmakers

Volleyball odds analysis

When betting on volleyball, it’s crucial to find bookmakers that offer the best odds. We’ve put together a list of top online volleyball betting sites, along with their margins for various leagues, to help you make informed choices. Here’s a summary of their margins across different leagues:

BookmakerCEV Silver EuroLeagueCEV Golden EuroLeagueSerie A2 (Italy)International FriendliesLiga Pro (Russia)
Lilibet8.05%8.2%Not Available7.9%7.95%
iBet6.8%Not Available7.1%Not AvailableNot Available
Sportaza9.5%6.9%10.4%Not Available9.9%
888Sport8.1%9.5%8.4%8.4%Not Available