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Press Contact

Gerald Fuchs
Barbara Höflehner-Schnürch

Press Officers Austria

Mobile G. Fuchs:
+43-650 97 97 232
Mobile B. Höflehner-Schnürch:
+43-676 38 65 884

Mail: press@eurovolley2011.com

Robert Ullmann
Press Officer Innsbruck press.innsbruck@eurovolley2011.com

Press Officer Czech Republic

Miroslav Ejem

Mail: ejem@cvf.cz





Michael Warm, head coach of the Austrian national team, about the 16 teams

Michael Warm, head coach of the Austrian national team, about the 16 teams

Pool A, Vienna


"A year ago nobody would have expected that we would already be able to deliver such a good performance. We have used the preparation time well – everybody can see that in the way we are playing. Of course, we still are the clear underdogs in this tournament. You cannot catch up the ten-year development of other nations in just one year. However, the EuroVolley 2011 is to be the kick-start for a positive long-term development in Austria. We want to find out where our limits are."

"Grbic, one of the superstars of recent years will not compete in the tournament. This is a true loss that the team of Serbia needs to cope with. Therefore I am not sure whether it will be enough for a very big success. It will be interesting to see how the team will cope with the change. And with Milijkovic they still have one of the best players in their ranks."

"Like many countries of the former Yugoslavia also Slovenia has a strong volleyball tradition. They have played a very good European League season. Slovenia has many young players who were able to gather a lot of experience on an international level both with their clubs and with the national team. The town Bled is an important centre for volleyball and many of the Slovenian players compete in the best leagues – a good basis to stay close on the heels of the world’s best volleyball nations."

"Most recently Turkey has not played as well as one would have expected. However, they granted a little break to some of the older players early in the summer. They will be back in the team for the EC. The Turks are quite inconsistent – they play extremely well on some days and on others they do not play so well. In any case, they must not be underestimated."

Pool B, Karlovy Vary

Czech Republic
"The Czech Republic is a nation with a great volleyball tradition. For quite some years they have had a good team again even though they did not score the really big success yet. Maybe they are lacking some stability. On good days they can beat the top teams. As co-host of the EuroVolley they are good for a surprise."

"The trend of the Estonian team points upwards, slowly but steadily. Estonia is a small country which has a decent style of volleyball and a good program to support the young players. With the Schenker League among the Baltic States they have a league which is comparable with the Middle European League. Even though they do not have a player with a very big name in their ranks, they might be able to surprise in the competition."

"Portugal plays a very stable and fast style of volleyball. At the moment they might be too good for the European League but they are not good enough yet for the World League. With their excellent players they can be an unpleasant opponent for the favourites."

"The team of Russia is very strong physically and in their block. In addition, they have the biggest pool of excellent players. They are now open for other volleyball cultures and coaches with different styles. The combination of talents, a top league and players abroad makes Russia one of the top favourites for the title. "

Pool C, Innsbruck
"Those who thought Italy would have problems were taught otherwise in the most recent World Championship and in the World League competition. Italy’s team underwent a silent change of generations which worked out well. Italy has definitely to be reckoned with in this tournament."

"France’s volleyball national team has to deal with similar problems as the football team. The French have good junior programs but they are facing a big change in the national team right now. In addition, they are lacking an excellent diagonal spiker. Probably they will have to really fight hard in this competition."

"For quite some years the way of Finland has been pointing continually upwards. They have always been good but did not make it to the very top. They have a hard pool – it is difficult to predict how they will perform."

"Recently an upswing of both the senior and junior teams could be observed in Belgium. They participated in all European Championships and have a good mix of experienced and young players. Belgium is a small nation who scores good results with a central training facility. But they will probably have to fight hard to qualify for the play-offs."

Pool D, Prague
"Bulgaria is definitely one of the big favourites for the title in the EuroVolley 2011 tournament. With Matey Kaziyski they have one of the best players of the world in their ranks. They could surprise and make it to the very top."

"Germany has a team of players in their prime for volleyball. The squad comprises 16 complete players so they can change the team’s composition a lot. The time is right for a great performance."

"Poland is enormously strong and always ranks among the best. The Polish league is one of the strongest in the world – it experienced a similar upswing as the country itself. Everything falls into place and works out well: junior programs, players abroad, fans. You always have to take the Polish team into account – but they have a very difficult pool."

"Slovakia has a big volleyball tradition and many players on a good level. They played a great European League season. I think they will play a role in the EuroVolley and come close to the top nations."

Match schedule and additional information:

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