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Press Contact

Gerald Fuchs
Barbara Höflehner-Schnürch

Press Officers Austria

Mobile G. Fuchs:
+43-650 97 97 232
Mobile B. Höflehner-Schnürch:
+43-676 38 65 884

Mail: press@eurovolley2011.com

Robert Ullmann
Press Officer Innsbruck press.innsbruck@eurovolley2011.com

Press Officer Czech Republic

Miroslav Ejem

Mail: ejem@cvf.cz





Press Conference The "2010 FIVB World Championship 2010" in Italy will be followed by the "2011 CEV European Championship" in Austria and the Czech Republic

The “EuroVolley 2011” at the heart of Europe


While the FIVB World Championship 2010 is entering its final stages the preparations for the next big volleyball event are on track and running full speed: between September 10 and 18, 2011 Europe’s volleyball elite will gather in Austria and the Czech Republic to determine the new European Champion in the course of the EuroVolley 2011. The team of co-host Czech Republic already proved its strength in the course of the current World Championship. Today you will find out the efforts of Austria’s players to cut a good figure at the European Championship in their home country.

“We have to live up to high expectations. Austria hosted the football European Championship in 2008 and the handball European Championship in 2010. In particular the handball players delivered a great performance and a spectacular show. Our goal is to make volleyball even more popular in Europe. Austria and the Czech Republic are two countries at the very heart of Europe – and we want to bring volleyball into the hearts of the European people. Vienna and Innsbruck are two wonderful cities in a beautiful country. We are very pleased to have the possibility to show our neighbours all the beautiful things in Austria. Volleyball is supposed to be also an ambassador for Austria in the world“, explains Peter Kleinmann, President of the Austrian Volleyball Federation.


The President of the Czech volleyball Federation Zdenek Hanik says: “The Czech Republic is a nation with a long tradition in volleyball. However, we have lost our top position (the Czechoslovakian Men’s national team was two times World Champion and three times European Champion) in recent times. We want to take the occasion of the Eurovolley 2011 to revoke our great tradition. In Austria, volleyball has seen a very positive development over the last ten years. It seems that the two host countries are heading towards the European Championship but from opposite directions. What unites our two countries is the cultural heritage. This is the special flavour of the upcoming event in the heart of Europe. At the ongoing World Championship the Czech team made it to the third round and we were able to really challenge the defending Champion Brazil (2:3). Only after the defeat against Germany we had no chance anymore to make it to the semi-finals. I think this was quite a good performance. And the aim is to perform even better at the EuroVolley 2011. I would like to add that I was active as coach in Austria and the Czech Republic and I coached the Austrian national team when the European Championship last took place in Austria in 1999. Thus my wish is that the teams of both host countries will perform well and reach their goals.”


Legendary AS Roma goalkeeper Michael Konsel

Ambassador of the EuroVolley 2011

Michael Konsel, a renowned sports figure in Austria is pleased about being ambassador for the EuroVolley 2011:

“I loved to play volleyball when I was young. My father used to play every week and when I was a child he often took me with him to the training. At the beginning of my football career I used to be a player on the field – by playing volleyball I acquired a taste for “diving” and “jumping”. And volleyball is one of the sports that accompanied me throughout my life. I often played beach volleyball and when I was active as goalkeeper in Rome and Venice I often went to see volleyball matches in the competition halls. The atmosphere there was incredible since the competition halls in Rome and Treviso were always full. I am looking forward to help promoting the Eurovolley 2011 and creating a similar atmosphere in Austria and the Czech Republic.“


Biography of Michael Konsel:

  • Goalkeeper of the century of AS Roma (ITA) and SK Rapid (AUT)
  • Best player of Italy’s Seria A  in 1997/98
  • Called “il pantera“ by his Roman fans
  • 2 participations in World Championships (1990 and 1998)
  • 3 times Austrian Champion
  • 3 times winner of the Austrian Cup
  • 2 European Cup finals with SK Rapid (1984/85 Everton, 1995/96 Paris St. Germain)
  • In the Champions League with SK Rapid in a Pool with Juventus Turin, Manchester United and Fenerbahce Istanbul
  • 12 years active for SK Rapid (395 Austrian league matches, 47 Austrian cup matches, 42 European Cup matches)  - “The panther of Hütteldorf”
  • 13 years active in the Austrian national team (43 encounters)
  • 1997 became goalkeeper of AS Roma
  • 1999/2000 became goalkeeper of AC Venezia
  • Awarded the Gold Medal of Services to the Republic of Austria
  • Organizer of the “Michael Konsel Goalie Camps“ since 1997
  • Organizer of Sport-Incentive- and Adventure journeys in Europe
  • www.konsel.com and www.pro-impuls.at



Other Ambassadors of the EuroVolley 2011

  • Norbert Darabos (Federal Minister of Defence and Sports)
  • Claudia Schmied (Federal Minister for Education, Arts and Culture)
  • Michael Häupl (Mayor of Vienna)
  • Barbara Wehsely (Executive city councillor of Vienna for health and social affairs)
  • Christian Oxonitsch (Executive city councillor of Vienna for sports)
  • Manfred Wurm (Head of Vienna’s 23rd district)
  • Norbert Scheed (Head of Vienna’s 22nd district)
  • Peter Wittmann (President of the Austrian Federal Sports Organization, BSO)
  • Hans Peter Trost (ORF, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Barbara Stöckl (ORF, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Edi Finger Jun. (TV and radio reporter)
  • Adi Niederkorn (TV and radio reporter)
  • Anja Richter (Federal Ministry of Sports)
  • Wolfgang Gotschke (Federal Ministry of Sports)
  • Andreas Goldberger (Austrian ski jumping legend)
  • Michaela Dorfmeister (Olympic champion, Alpine skiing)
  • Hannes Jagerhofer (Organizer of beach Volleyball Grand Slam, Klagenfurt)
  • Florian Gosch (Beach volleyball player)
  • Sandra Pires (Singer)
  • Franz Klammer (Legendary Austrian skier)
  • Richard Orthmann (businessman)
  • Hans Krankl (legendary Austrian football player)

Strong performance of EuroVolley participants in Italy

Many teams who qualified for the EuroVolley 2011 are also competing in the FIVB 2010 Men’s World Championships (September 25 to October 10) in Italy. Besides the team of host Italy, also Bulgaria, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic and Serbia could be found among the 24 participants. The only European team qualified for the World Championship but not for the European Championship 2011 is Spain.


Not less than 8 European teams could be found among the 12 teams qualified for the third round. Only Poland did not make it beyond the second round: the reigning European Champion was defeated by the reigning World Champion Brazil and co-favourite Bulgaria.


“The world’s top class is in Europe!”


Austria’s coach Michael Warm is impressed by the strong performance of the European teams at the FIVB Men’s World Championship 2010 in Italy but he is not surprised: “The results of the European teams at the World Championship underline the dominant role of the Europeans in volleyball. In addition, we can now imagine the high standards of the upcoming European Championship. In a way the European Championship will be harder than the World Championship because some Asian or African teams do not yet have this high quality. Apparently the world’s top class is at home in Europe. The people in Austria have to realize that we are talking about the world’s top class when we want to reach the top within Europe. And the way ahead to reach this goal is still a long and hard one “, explains Austria’s head coach.


Michael Warm pays respect to the good performance of Austria’s co-host Czech Republic: “I did not reckon that the Czech Republic would be so good. Apparently they prepared well for the event.”


Euro Volley 2011: All 16 places allocated

All 16 places in the EuroVolley 2011 have been allocated. Belgium, Estonia and Turkey were the last nations to qualify at the beginning of September.


2000 spectators in Antwerp saw Belgium defeat Spain in the return game of the 3rd leg of the qualification with 3:2 (25:18, 28:26, 19:25, 23:25,15:6). But Spain’s chances to qualify were already quite slim after the1:3 defeat also in their home match.

Also Estonia’s players could celebrate: after a 3:1 victory in the home match the team also remained victorious in the return match in Rotterdam. The Estonian team secured a clear 3:0 (25:21, 25:16 und 25:23) victory against the Netherlands in front of 1600 spectators. The encounter took only 71 minutes.

Turkey was the last team to book the ticket for the EuroVolley 2011. In Iraklion in front of 6000 spectators Turkey defeated Greece with 3:2 (25:15, 25:21, 20:25, 18:25, 15:11). Also the first match went to Turkey with 3:1. (Both teams were opponents of Austria in the European League competition).

Before Estonia, Belgium and Turkey the teams of the two host countries Austria and Czech Republic as well as Bulgaria, France, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Portugal were already qualified.


Drawing of Lots on October 21, 2010 in Prague

The Drawing of Lots for the EuroVolley 2011 will take place on October 21, 2010 (12:00- 15:00) in Prague. The President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, invites all guests to Prague Castle and will be personally present.


Participants EuroVolley 2011:

Austria Czech Republic (host countries)

Bulgaria, France, Poland, Russia, Serbia (Top-5, EC 2009)

Slovenia, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Portugal (winners of qualification groups)

Belgium, Turkey, Estonia (winners of the 3rd qualification leg)


Information about the EuroVolley 2011:



EuroVolley Hosts

Besides Austria and the Czech Republic also Denmark and the Netherlands, France and Greece together with Bulgaria put forward bids to host the European Championship 2011, but Austria and the Czech Republic were designated as organizers.

The venues of the EuroVolley 2011

Olympiaworld Innsbruck

8,000 seats

The Olympiaworld sports hall in Innsbruck is a top venue for sports competitions at the heart of the Alps. It offers modern sports facilities, attractive service and perfect conditions.



9,589 seats

The Stadthalle in Vienna is the biggest venue for all sorts of events in Austria. It is located quite centrally in Vienna near the Gürtel (literally ‘belt’), a ring road that encompasses the inner city districts. The largest of the overall 6 halls is Hall D which will offer ideal conditions for the EuroVolley 2011. It serves as venue for concerts, show acts and sports competitions (like a traditional football tournament, Holiday on Ice, Fest der Pferde); overall it has seen about 80 European and World Championships.


KV Arena

Karlovy Vary/Czech Republic
6,000 seats

The KV Arena is one of the most modern multifunctional complexes in central Europe. It was completed and inaugurated in 2009. The town of Karlovy Vary, which was founded in 1350, is a popular destination for tourists and health spa guests.



Prague/Czech Republic
17,000 seats

The O2 Arena is the most modern facility for events in the Czech Republic. It is a venue for sports, culture, entertainment, exhibitions, trade fairs and other events. The Arena’s most distinguishing features are its modern technology, its multi-purpose infrastructure, its sophisticated marketing, its comfort and the comprehensive service offered to all visitors.


Austria’s volleyball – striving for the top

With 25,408 members in 364 clubs (as of 01.01.2010) the Austrian volleyball Federation (ÖVV) is one of the biggest sports organizations in Austria. A milestone in the history of volleyball in Austria was the participation of the team of the Vienna hotVolleys in the CEV Champions League Final Four in 2000. Since the year 2005 the best clubs of six nations (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria) are participating in the strong Middle European League (MEL) which is only open for teams who are qualified for a European cup competition.


The high quality of the League was underlined last year through the Champions League Final Four qualification of MEL Champion Ach Volley BLED (SLO). In addition Austria’s Champion HYPO Tirol finished 5th in the CEV Champions League, while HAOK Mladost Zagreb reached the final of the CEV Challenge Cup. Like in recent years three Austrian top teams participate in the MEL also in this season: Hypo Tirol, hotVolleys and SK Posojilnica AICH/DOB. As preparation for the EuroVolley 2011 also the Austrian Men’s national team will take part in the MEL as Team Club Asutira.


Austria’s National Team in the MEL

The participation of the Austrian Men’s national team in the Middle European League (MEL) offers an extraordinary possibility for the players to prepare for the big event in Austria and the Czech Republic.

The President of the Austrian Volleyball Federation Peter Kleinmann is very happy about this arrangement: “CEV European Championship 2011 will have a competition format, where the teams will have to play on three consecutive days. Our national team will have to play the 18 MEL encounters also in six “sets of three“. Plus, all opponents waived their home rights. Our dream and slogan “Imagine the EuroVolley 2011 and everybody wants to be there” is getting more and more real. In addition, the national team shows a positive development. The guys have already proven that they can keep up with nations who have the standard of teams competing in the European Championship.

Also Austria’s Coach Michael Warm is enthusiastic about the work with the team: “During the last five months I had a lot of fun with the team. The individual players have developed excellently. On the one hand they’ve got talent and on the other hand they have the ambition to make progress. That we were able to defeat four seemingly stronger opponents (Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and Puerto Rico) is just the cherry on top and only shows that we are on the right track. Even the self-perception of the team has changed because the players now feel that they are being taken seriously as opponents. I am very content with the development. However, it has to be pointed out that we get every necessary support of the national Federation. In particular the MEL matches will be a great benefit for the national team.”

Campaign to boost the image of volleyball in Austria


In the run-up to the EuroVolley 2011 innovative measures are implemented not only in the field of sports but also in the field of marketing: The advertising agency “Wahrheit” created the probably first image campaign for a particular sport in Austria. "Volleyball - Stark. Unterschätzt." (“Volleyball – Strong(ly). Underestimated” is the slogan for the campaign. The goal is to eliminate prevailing clichés. The communication strategy is to draw the people’s attention to the strengths of the sport in a credible and authentic way and in a next step to put volleyball in the spotlight. Kleinmann: “In other countries volleyball is a sport of the general public and really moves masses. This is our objective.”

MEL-Dates, Austrian National Team:

Sun, 26.09.2010

Team Club AUSTRIA (AUT) - OK Mladost Marina KAŠTELA (CRO)

3:0 (25:20, 25:22, 25:14)

Mon, 27.09.2010

Team Club AUSTRIA (AUT) - ACH Volley BLED (SLO)

1:3 (19:25, 26:28, 25:23, 24:26)

Tue, 28.09.2010, 19:00

Team Club AUSTRIA (AUT) - Hypo Tirol Volleyballteam INNSBRUCK (AUT)

0:3 (22:25, 20:25, 16:25)


Upcoming encounters:

Fri, 29.10.2010

Team Club AUSTRIA (AUT) - hotVolleys VIENNA (AUT)


Sat, 30.10.2010, 20:15

Team Club AUSTRIA (AUT) - Diamant KAPOSVÁR (HUN) 


Sun, 31.10.2010

Team Club AUSTRIA (AUT) - SK Posojilnica AICH/DOB (AUT)


The most recent encounters of the Austrian Men’s national team:

EuroVolley Challenge 2010 in Innsbruck
Austria - Iran 0:3 (19:25,. 15:25, 21:25)
Best scorers AUT: Zass 9, Laimer 8, Guttmann 7

Austria - Puerto Rico 3:1 (23:25, 35:33, 25:19, 35:33)
Best scorers AUT: Laimer 28, Guttmann 17, Gavan 14

Austria - China 0:3 (22:25, 21:25, 16:25) 
Best scorers AUT: Laimer 13, Guttmann 8, Frühbauer 5, Gavan 5


Friendly matches against Tunesia

15.09.2010, Steinbrunn
Austria – Tunesia 1:3 (16:25, 25:19, 12:25, 21:25)
Best scorers AUT: Zass 17, Guttmann 16, Gavan und Schweighofer je 6


14.09.2010, Wien
Austria – Tunesia 2:3 (21:25, 25:21, 21:25, 25:20, 13:15)
Best scorers AUT: Laimer 30, Wohlfahrtstätter 15, Guttmann 12, Frühbauer 12


13.09.2010, Steinbrunn
Austria - Tunesien 3:0 (25:20, 25:18, 26:24)
Best scorers AUT: Laimer 22, Gavan 11, Frühbauer 10, Guttmann 9

A-Team List MEL and prospective team players:


1          BINDER             Oliver                28.05.1985            hotVolleys                                setter

2            FRÜHBAUER   Simon               19.10.1988            hotVolleys                                spiker

3          GAVAN             Daniel               08.05.1977       Hypo Tirol Volleyballteam            block

4            GUTTMANN     Marcus             09.07.1991       VCA HYPO Niederösterreich            spiker

5          HIRCZY             Markus             25.11.1978       TSV Sparkasse Hartberg            spiker

6            ICHOVSKI         Philip                12.12.1991       VCA HYPO Niederösterreich            block

7          KROISS            Philipp              02.03.1988            hotVolleys                                libero

8          LAIMER             Michael             15.07.1985            hotVolleys                               diagonal

9          LAURE             Frederick            26.07.1982       Hypo Tirol Volleyballteam            libero

10        REISER             Gerald              02.06.1980       SK Posojilnica Aich/Dob            block

11            SCHNEIDER     Philip                23.12.1981            Montpellier Volley                      spiker

12            SCHWEIGHOFER Sebastian            05.06.1987       TSV Sparkasse Hartberg            spiker

13        WEBER             Lukas               13.02.1987       VCA HYPO Niederösterreich            setter

14            WOHLFAHRTSTÄTTER  Peter            10.03.1989            hotVolleys                                block

15        ZASS             Thomas                        27.11.1989       VCA HYPO Niederösterreich   diagonal


Prospective players

1            RINGSEIS         Florian              09.07.1992            hotVolleys                                spiker

2            TRÖTHANN     Thomas            04.05.1992            hotVolleys                                setter

3            BERGER            Alexander            27.09.1988       HYPO Tirol Volleyballteam            spiker

4            KOHLEGGER  Stefan               25.11.1985            Arbesbach                                block

5            HINTERECKER Harald              29.12.1985       UVC Graz AG                                   block

6          NAGY               Stefan               03.07.1991       SG Supervolley OÖ             setter

7            LECHNER       Stefan               19.03.1993            hotVolleys                                spiker

8            KORAIMANN  Lorenz              07.05.1993       UVC Graz AG                                  diagonal

9            KOHLHAUSER            Sebastian            31.08.1989       TSV Sparkasse Hartberg                     spiker