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Seminary of volleyball coaches

Seminary of volleyball coaches

Besides the main framework of World Championship in KV Arena a special seminar for caches took place. On the program were the last modern scouting methods relating to the use of statistical methods. The second topic was targeted to some new progressive approaches to the special preparation of volleyball players. The lectures were given by Mr. Gianni Cirillo and by Mr. Martin Poeder the traditional external collaborator of Czech National Team. Both from Italy. The meeting was closed by a meeting with Mr. Milan Hadrava the second coach of the Czech team.


Mr. Michael Gottwald (KP brno women juniors coach)

Mr. Cirillo offered very detailed information about two software products from Dataproject Company. First product can be divided on three parts, data video essential, data video essential plus and data video professional.  Data video is product that allows synchronization of video and statistics made in Datavolley program. The essential allows to make video only for rotations when the team is on side-out. The essential plus can be used not only for rotations but also for attacks of players. The professional version can do almost anything you want.


Second part was devoted to new product called Click&scout. Basically it is product based on Datavolley but without the need of typing the codes that are used in Datavolley. It’s so called user friendly. Only thing you need to is to click on the court layout on the screen and push the buttons for designated effect (such as serve, reception, attack direction etc.). It is suited for lower categories, especially for youngsters when the coach doesn’t need any combination attacks etc. It can also be synchronized with Datavideo. “The system has been used by most of the top volleyball teams all over the world exclusive France having its own special program and also Velasco used it consistently in the period of his fame”, added the lecturer.


The idea” from general to special and individual” was the leading motto of the next lecture concerning the special physical preparation. Hence some of other ideas mentioned:


Focus on the quality of drill and request it constantly. In the club uses 3 steps of preparation:

a/ muscle hypertrophic problems,
2/ maximal power,
3/ its transformation into explosive power in the optimal time period of 4 – 6 weeks.


Respect the age, the individual characteristics and the previous experience of each individual player. Concerning the age follow step by step specific targets:

8 – 10 years work mainly on the speed development,
10 – 12 movement learning for technical progress,
12 – 14  (before puberty) special coordination qualities.

Work on full automation needed quite for volleyball. The special power and anaerobic training introduce individually after the puberty. Keep balanced proportion in muscle strengthening of basic body parts.” The discussion aimed also at topics like: Use of plyometry methods, rates of loading, laying out of methods of  mentioned special  methods in a week cycle etc.

The discussion with Mr. Hadrava followed exclusively one topic only. Czech team preparation, performance and ambitions.

Zdeněk Valášek